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Blockchain design

Everything about design and blockchain working together

Building Confidence, Not Dapps

Right now, dapps are simply visual interfaces for a smart contract or system of smart contracts. We need to be building a positive experience that people want to—and can—partake in.


What the hell is going on with the UX in cryptocurrency?

Everything is confusing. Are the Crypto experts making everything confusing on purpose?

UX Collective

Great Design Requires Deep Empathy

Although computers have been around since the 1940s and the internet since the 1980s, it is not until they were made simple, intuitive, and useful to the common man that they truly began to radically reshape every part of society.


DAO Canvas

Collaborative design tool for decentralized organizations

DAO Canvas

Vault12 - Crypto Security

Vault12 is a new and trusted way to backup and protect your digital crypto assets. Harness the power of your trusted personal network to secure your crypto assets and reduce the risk of hacking and accidental loss.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Landing Page

by Marko Prljic (dribbble)

Perception of the Ethereum UX

It is difficult to overstate how important user experience (UX) is to technology in pursuit of mass adoption. Ethereum is not an exception.



Instantly buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies. Spend cash worldwide. All-in-one crypto and cash app.


Blockchain doesn’t matter. Here’s why.

Here’s the first rule of blockchain UX: Users don’t really care about blockchain.


Cryptocurrency Icons by Junik Studio


Meet Mappy, Happy, and Dappy: Personas for Blockchain Product Management

The holiday season is behind us and the new year has begun. It’s a traditional time for individuals and companies — including those of us exploring the brave new world of blockchain technology


Universal Logins: First Demo

Work on Universal Logins is progressing fast and we encourage everyone to clone the repo and test it for themselves by following these steps...



The EO ecosystem was designed to bridge the gap between traditional online trading and Crypto investments.


Designing for Blockchain: What’s Different and What’s at Stake

Blockchain technology is redefining the concept of trust and transforming how we think about the structures of everyday life, from identity to economics, and government. It pushes designers to think systemically and at larger scales.


The Crypto UX Handbook by @gbks

"This is the official design handbook that all blockchain and cryptocurrencies projects have to follow... just kidding, that wouldn't make any sense. These are the thoughts and notes I gather while doing UX work in the field."



Alice is bringing native mobile mini apps to crypto wallets. Access your favourite crypto apps all in one place… with as few taps as possible!


Crypto Dashboard Sketch Freebie


Why design is the killer app for crypto

When I started at Coinbase a year ago, it quickly became clear that there are a thousand big problems to solve in crypto — and very few of them had been considered by a designer. I shared this thought with one of my design heroes, John Maeda.


UX Design for Blockchain is still UX Design

Blockchain has the tech industry buzzing. Speculation that it will disrupt long-standing products and services are rampant. To have that kind of impact on the everyday lives of people, blockchain needs to overcome its usability problem.


People to follow

Pijus Aleksandravichius

Pijus Aleksandravichius

Co-Founder & Creative Director at Flair Digital with

Kacper Beduch

Kacper Beduch

Kacper is a designer with a wide variety of skills, from branding to product design. His portfolio holds some awesome interaction design patterns.



Leading digital agency with solid design and development expertise. They mostly build mobile and web products for startups and design intricate trading platforms.

ConsenSys Design

ConsenSys Design

A group of product designers, design thinking facilitators, design researchers, and strategists bound by a drive to design and deliver amazing experiences.

Matt Storus

Matt Storus

Matt Storus is a product designer who started his blockchain design career at 21.co. It was a leading blockchain startup acquired by Coinbase.



EthWorks consider themselves a one-stop shop for blockchain startups where they could get their complete product done. In their portfolio they have couple of large names such as bitcoin.com and IOTA

Anthony's Lab

Anthony's Lab

Product team from Moscow, focused on designing great stuff for startups with couple of blockchain products and landing pages in their portfolio



A collective of passionate top-notch designers creating for an exceptional software company based in Warsaw, Poland.



Dennis Sevryukov better know on all platforms as uixNinja, is recognized by his unique style when it comes to landing pages, illustrations and aesthetics in general. Lately there is series of great works in the domain of blockchain products



Design studio passionate about humanising blockchain technology through good UX design.